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Clarity incorporates data from all Escada control systems, making it easier than ever to oversee the entire operation. Each Escada product has been developed to communicate as much information as possible, which enables you to analyse detailed findings through this clear and easy to use data reporting system..

Traceability & Analysis.

Bring "Clarity" with our new management interface, with all of your data presented in an intuitive and unique format. Clarity allows you to perform efficient and rapid analysis. It is completely customisable, allowing you to manage your data according to your needs and schedule your data analysis with automated production of custom reports.

Increase production potential. Create a smooth flowing facility.

See Through The Data Cloud.

Clarity brings together all production information in a user-friendly interface. It drastically reduces the challenges and duration of data analysis.

Track Your Key Parameters.

Monitor your production by using the Clarity Dashboard which eases the tracking of your key parameters. Look at speed, waste, warp and sensors, and chart these measurements in an instant to evaluate your process.

Produce Bespoke Reports.

In addition to the standard reports integrated into Clarity (e.g. OEE report, summary of waste and many more), you can also create bespoke reports to perfectly fit your needs.

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