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The Optima Integrated Roll Stock System, operated using RFID or barcodes, delivers efficient paper management, reducing stock levels by optimising the use of part-rolls and allowing you to order less paper based on known requirements.

Integrated Rollstock.

Rolls are tracked on the corrugator, giving you visibility and traceability of paper usage, allowing you to ensure that your customers' needs are met, and help reduce paper upgrades. These unique features ensure that Optima provides a rapid return on investment.

Optimisation of rollstock. Efficient roll usage.

Accurate & Reduced Stock

Accurate stock data is maintained by tracking all roll movements in real time, in and out of the roll storage area and on and off the corrugator. The confidence gained in the accuracy of paper stock levels, combined with reports to indicate trends of paper use, will allow you to reduce your stock levels..

Consumption & Traceability

Rolls are validated when loaded (invalid rolls are rejected or a reason must be entered), and roll splices are tracked through to the dry end. This allows every dry end order to be linked to the exact rolls used to produce it. This data is then available to view through the Optima management reporting tool.

Part Roll Usage

Optima will suggest rolls to use to best fit the needs of the corrugator, via the touchscreen operator interface installed on the clamp truck. Where possible, old and part rolls will be used first, which will help reduce the levels of part rolls and reduce waste created from aged stock.


Even more efficiency is achieved by the implementation of RFID roll tracking. RFID readers are installed on each clamp truck and roll stand to track roll movements, via tags inside the roll cores, which are inserted with ease on the receipt of new rolls to your plant.

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