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A Quality Performance.

Profile is our process control system which has revolutionised corrugator performance. Profile can operate as a 'recipe' based system, or using our unique 'closed loop' option with the Escada Laser Bar. The system will check the quality of the produced board at the dry end, process the information, and make adjustments at the wet end. Profile offers a huge reduction in waste and energy consumption, which, combined with increased run speeds, means your productivity and profit can greatly increase.

Automatic closed-loop control. Achieve consistent quality.

Closed Loop.

Opt for laser accuracy and increase the self-sufficiency of your corrugator. Automatic detection and smart correction of warped board ensures enhanced quality control.

Advanced Wrap-arm Control.

Wrap arms are controlled to maintain a constant transfer of energy into your papers throughout the speed range, reacting to defined temperature limits and automatic warp measurement.

Paper Temperature Control.

Paper temperature is measured at key points of the process, which combined with Profile's advanced control methods lead to optimum heat, stable bonding and give you the ability to control the paper condition.

Energy & Raw Materials Savings.

In addition to warp waste reduction, the Profile system will stabilise your process and reduce the variation in the quality of your corrugated board, allowing you to produce more from less.

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