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Perfect Harmony

Syncro 7 is a single point Corrugator Control System, born through years of development in dry end and wet end control. It covers every phase of corrugator application, from the roll stands through to the take-off conveyors. Syncro 7 ensures harmonious operation through flexible interfaces to any mixture of machines, delivering maximum performance every time.

Wet End Control.

Syncro 7 Wet End Control provides a complete range of functions for efficient wet end machine control. Some of the integrated modules are: butt roll calculation and display, end of roll splicing (including split roll function), splice removal, automatic bridge contents control, bridge contents validation and synchronised splicing. Seamless integration with the dry end at quality change ensures reduced waste and increased productivity.

Wet End Features

Wet End Features.

Synchronised Splicing.

Accurately synchronises quality change splices, whilst creating minimum waste. Syncro 7 automatically removes this waste and initiates the dry end order change, according to the order length or to the end of a particular roll.

Dynamic Bridge Control.

Optimise bridge contents and single face quality by synchronising the speeds of the single facers and double backer. Production speed is maintained by intelligently increasing the bridge contents pre splice.

Wet End Control Interface.

Intuitive touch screen operator displays are used to display useful real time information at the wet end, such as paper and production requirements, butt roll metres, bridge contents and much more.


Dry End Control.

Syncro 7 Dry End Control connects your production planning system with your dry end machinery, automatically aligning orders and performing efficient automatic order changes at maximum speeds. Escada has years of experience of integrating machinery from many different manufacturers, and can also perform replacements of ageing control systems, giving you peace of mind for the future and creating the possibility to replace individual machines through easy integration with Syncro 7.

Dry End Features

Dry End Features.

Intelligent Speed Control.

Maximise your Corrugator output by automatically controlling its speed to pre-defined targets. The system will consider (in real-time) order specifics, machine constraints, paper requirements and warp levels (when linked with Profile), and will increase the target speed where possible..

Automatic Order Changes.

Integrate any mixture of dry end machines and perform automatic order changes at maximum speed with minimum waste. Special types of order change can be managed, including 'zero gap' systems.

Virtual OHD.

The Syncro 7 vOHD system is easily configurable to display a range of different production data. It can be used on office PC's, or even on large LCD Televisions hung from the ceiling of the corrugator bay, replacing the old fixed digital type displays.


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