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A Smooth Operation
A Smooth Operation.

Dedicated to sales and post corrugated applications, Vision can deliver bespoke solutions or utilise applications derived from our previous experiences. Manage your sales and drive your product through your plant, whilst having a complete vision of the process.

WIP and Finished Goods Control.

Vision takes supervisory control of stacks leaving the corrugator through to despatch, by communicating with conveyors, palletisers, strappers, converting machines and office systems. Order tracking information can be displayed around the WIP/finished goods areas, and on fork trucks.

Increase production potential. Create a smooth flowing facility.

Sales Management.

Vision OMS will accept customer orders via phone, web or EDI, setup stock products and board grades, automatically notify customers of shipping and delivery times, view order history and sales statistics, process returns and much more.

Sheet Counting.

Interface to dedicated sheet board counters or use accurate height measurement devices, to determine the exact number of sheets in a pallet. Use this data to invoice and also compare with corrugator counts to calculate waste.

Shipping and Logistics.

Manage manufacturing times according to optimum storage durations, inform customers of up to date delivery times (using GPS integration with delivery trucks), optimise truck space for deliveries and calculate the last order time for next day delivery.

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