Offer prepress tools to reduce the cost of producing prints

Tuesday, September 22, 2020
8 AM PST | 11 AM EST | 10 AM CST | 4 PM BST

In this live webinar you will learn how to sell new areas of efficiency in prepress and give your customers the competitive edge they need to boost their business profitability with Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package.

Show your customers how they can reduce profit-eliminating scenarios such as:

  • Reprinting jobs due to errors
  • Jobs rejected for incorrect color or incorrect brand colors
  • Wasting prints trying to get the job setup right
  • Time-consuming preparation of client soft proofs

* Many features in Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package are available for Fiery FS350 Pro and earlier servers as part of Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition



Greg Cholmondeley

Doug Richards
Sr. Solutions Architect,


Greg Cholmondeley
Cholmonco, Inc. and