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EFI PrintFlow Thought Leadership Series: 40 Years in the Making

EFI is pleased to bring you a special “40 years in the making” thought leadership series on PrintFlow led by our esteemed Udi Arieli, the creator of PrintFlow & TGO. This year marks Udi’s fortieth year in the print industry. To honor that milestone, we want to share with you how EFI has leveraged a wealth of knowledge and experience to continue to evolve PrintFlow, so it remains the innovative, industry leading future-proof scheduling software for years to come. Udi will be joined by Matt Lafleur (Product Manager, PrintFlow and Auto-Count), Mark Wishnefsky (Sr Customer Operations Consultant), and Nick Benkovich, VP of Portfolio Product Management—EFI’s next generation of product genius.


June 23, 2020: Myths of the Print Industry & the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO) (Register here)
June 30, 2020: Are you an Optimizer or a Scheduler? Find out with EFI PrintFlow Dynamic Scheduling (Register here)
July 14, 2020: Lean Manufacturing and/or Theory of Global Optimization (TGO) (Register here)
July 21, 2020: The Future of Dynamic Scheduling (Register here)


Udi Arieli, Sr. Director Scheduling/
Creator of PrintFlow & TGO
In 1980, Udi began what would be a forty-year printing industry career starting as the third generation of his family printing company and serving in various Snr roles as part of the Israeli Printing Industry unit of the Small Business Association of Israel. It was this broad experience that led him to the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO) that would become the foundation on which PrintFlow dynamic scheduling is built. Udi was one of the founders of PrintCafe and joined EFI through its acquisition of PrintCafe in 2003.

Nick Benkovich, VP- Portfolio Product Management 
A tireless customer advocate, Nick has over thirty years of industry experience, much of it spent as a senior executive leading global product management teams as an expert in print and packaging for industry leaders such as Kodak, Creo, and now EFI. Nick's customer-centric vision, strategy for EFI's Productivity Software Division ensures a strong execution of the product direction and roadmap to deliver innovative, market-leading solutions. 

Mark Wishnefsky, Sr. Customer Operations Consultant 
Mark has been helping print and packaging companies succeed with technology for more than two decades. As PrintFlow Dynamic Scheduling Product Manager he has been instrumental in leading our software development in a quest to deliver ever more powerful, intelligent automation and other capabilities. Mark holds a bachelor’s degree with major concentrations in Computer Science and Business Management.



Matt Lafleur, Product Manager, PrintFlow & Auto-Count 
Matt has over thirty years of industry experience ranging from production, production management, professional services, sales, and product management for industry leaders such as RamPage Systems, Fuji, and now EFI. Matt has served as Product Manager for various products within the EFI family from Metrix to now leading the combined efforts with scheduling and data collection with PrintFlow and Auto-Count respectively.



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