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EFI Cubik digital staining with unique mineral inks for hardwood and parquet floor staining

Digital wood dyeing applies the ink onto the wood surface using an industrial inkjet printer. Mineral inks integrate into the wood substrate resulting in a very natural decoration that respects the nobility and warmth of the wood.

EFI™ Cubik industrial digital inkjet printers for parquet, hardwood floors and wood veneers use single-pass technology that integrate into your manufacturing line, unlike multi-pass flatbed printers. As a result, you will improve your finishing process.

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Enjoy benefits from digital staining with EFI Cubik


Streamlined and efficient manufacturing processes.

Digital inkjet staining does not need rollers and tooling, nor ink mixes stocks. Set up times are immediate. Inventory management is simplified as no minimum order are required.

Respond to market demand

Reduced time to market and faster new product development and prototyping. Digital staining make small batches profitable providing you with great flexibility.

New Business Opportunities

Digital printers offer endless decorative possibilities in wood in addition to staining. You can transform wood grains and enrich your tone range.



EFI Cubik for inkjet wood staining has a positive environmental impact because mineral inks are water based and have a reduced Volatile Organic Compound in its formula.