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Join us for another EFI Ignite Virtual Experience:
Applications that WOW for profits NOW!

Join us for two days of live stream, in-depth application demonstrations with product experts. From Divisional Graphics™ and packaging to personalized furniture and interior décor applications, we’ll show you all the brilliant ways to make money NOW. 

Check out the full schedule of sessions below (all approximately 45 minutes long), then register for the two-day event that will light up your bottom line!


Day 1, June 17, 2020

2:00PM CEST | 8:00AM EDT
High impact five-meter applications that sell

Learn how to produce backlit trade show graphics, large indoor mall graphics, theater backdrops and other high-impact, five-meter applications that command higher margins. With advanced roll-to-roll LED technology and a complete print to finished graphic workflow, five-meter printing is not just for distant viewed outdoor advertisements and billboards anymore.

3:30PM CEST | 9:30AM EDT
Divisional and social distancing graphics for the new normal

Discover the new, distinct Divisional Graphics™ category born out of the real-world requirements of the global pandemic. Learn how to produce durable interior and exterior directional, wayfinding and social distancing floor graphics, wall graphics and decals and signage. Explore new opportunities to print protective checkout counter dividers and shields.

5:00PM CEST | 11:00AM EDT
Print. Wrap. Pack. Ship. Repeat.

Get ready to profit from short run packaging for high impact customer experiences. See how to add texture to flat pack and corrugated sheets, produce personalized and branded bubble wrap and more.

7:00PM CEST | 1:00PM EDT | 10:00AM PDT
Get up close with distance celebrations

Today’s reality: Celebrating life’s achievements and special moments from a distance. Take a deep look at producing short-term yard signs to celebrate 2020 graduating seniors, birthdays, anniversaries, birth announcements and other special moments.



Day 2, June 18, 2020

2:00PM CEST | 8:00AM EDT
The art of UV LED custom wallcoverings

It’s not just for water-based technology. See how to produce high-value, customized wallcoverings with roll-to-roll LED technology using white or clear inks and multi-layer textured printing. And learn about the advantages of semi-removable digital wall coverings.

3:30PM CEST | 9:30AM EDT
Inline clear coat ink is here – and offline coating and lamination is gone

Discover the world’s only inline clear coat ink solution that lets you produce jobs with special effects. Watch how selective clear heightens an image or how full coverage can add protection to your finished graphics – all at the push of a button.

5:00PM CEST | 11:00AM EDT
High-margin interior and architectural décor that WOWs

From exhibit carpeting and acoustic panels to window film and aluminum photo panels, explore all the ways to WOW your customers with high-margin applications.

7:00PM CEST | 1:00PM EDT | 10:00AM PDT
Get the inside story on short run custom furniture and décor

Go inside interior design with customized and printed personalized doors, nightstands, lampshades, wall murals, drapery and poly bedding.

8:30PM CEST | 2:30PM EDT | 11:30AM PDT
Not just for tchotchkes anymore

Turn your flatbed printer into a money machine with high-end, high-quality custom printing applications. See how custom tiles, textured oil painting recreations and more can bring you profits NOW.