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for on-box advertising than traditional media campaigns

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of marketers want unboxing content from creators

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14-point increase year over year in number of consumers who will likely purchase again based on premium packaging

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who view unboxing videos do so when researching a particular product

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media for sustainable commercial growth through increased sales and market share

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1st physical brand touchpoint in a digital eCommerce journey

" In a digital world, packages stand out as a welcome physical touchpoint. Customers engage with OBA unlike any other form of advertising by interacting with the parcels during the most rewarding phase of the shopping journey—the unboxing moment. "
Ad Age, October 22, 2022

" The purpose of packaging is to elevate a buyer’s mood back to what it was when they made the purchase. They need to get excited again. It has to bring back all those emotions. "
Packaging Thought Leader

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Incorporate the most
sustainable printing technology

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Reduces storage and corrugated waste during make ready by 25%

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Less ink used than water-based technology

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